The Global Connect to Australia’s CA$H Culture

Earlier this year, we were able to launch one of our most ambitious projects to date. AUD’$ (said as AU Dollars)

AUD’$’s started out with humble beginnings in the basement studio of Steven Ondarchie in September 2016, where Juñor, as known, started spinning a DJ set via Facebook’s new Live Streaming feature, and saw significant interest from around the nation as thousands hit up his Facebook page to preview what was termed the ‘ca$hest’ content being created in the Australian hip hop scene.

A few weeks later and after a couple of doors opening, AUD’$ started broadcasting it’s first season on live FM radio via SYN FM, and Facebook Live. After 11 episodes and a huge amount of love shown by the scene, we put together a statistics based Infographic to highlight how diverse the radio show, and indeed the hip hop scene within Australia had become. (see below)

During the first season, we had been discussing how to take the radio show to the next level, and during the season break, we built AUD’$ it’s very on media platform. With the launch of in early 2017, AUD’$ has quickly risen in the music industry to be known as the Global Connect to Australia’s CA$H CULTURE. Artists all across the nation are following along, and sharing the love across the scene.

I hear you ask, what do you mean by a platform? was never intended to be ‘just’ a website. So far, not only has it been a wealth of information for keen punters wanting to hear the latest tracks being released, but it’s also allowed artists to connect and collaborate with each other in a new way. Not only that, it’s a valuable resource for record labels / booking agents wanting to secure some of the latest talent!

That same though goes for all websites we design. Websites are designed to communicate with your clientele, to engage with them, and nurture them to achieving an end goal, wether that be a sale, or to add a new regular viewer. So, if you’re in the market for a new website, why not hit us up for a chat. Just a good old fashioned chat. I promise, no sales pitches.

And go on, go check this project out at – it’s something we are super proud to continue collaborate on.